Our Passion

Do you remember your first crush? Remember the attraction you felt every time you saw that person? There was just something about them that stood out from everyone else - their walk, their talk, the way they dressed, the way they carried themselves - that "thing" that made you want to get to know them better! Unfortunately, most people never get the opportunity to connect with their crushes (unless you're Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise). And most "crushees" (yes, we made up a word, lol) are not attentive enough to make the first move.

The New Crush believes that business-customer relationships are very similar to that of your first crush. It starts with an attraction (a great ad, a catchy name, a good-looking building, etc.), but will never go any further unless somebody makes the first move - one that allows you to get to know each other better to find out if there is truly a connection worthy of a relationship (loyalty). Based on years of research and experience, we have discovered that just as with personal crushes, what attracts customers isn't always enough to spark a relationship. There's nothing worse than having a crush on someone and discovering that their personality is horrible and their character is even worse. It works the same with business.

I'm sure you've probably heard of stories where people thought they were making reservations for an exclusive resort (based on the images they'd seen), only to discover a rundown facility with horrible customer service. Often times, the outward appearances aren't a true representation of the products and services being offered. The New Crush wants to help avoid such fatal attractions.

The New Crush uses a fresh blend of relationship marketing to not only take the key characteristics of your business and makes them attractive to your customers, but we help you make the connection between your customers needs and the products or services you provide.We blend innovative solutions with the passion and true essence of your business to create experiences that develop into long-term relationships. Our ultimate goal is to get your customers to fall in love with your business - its' The New Crush.
Core Philosophies

First impressions are everything. What impression are you communicating to others about your business or organization? We build strong branded, images and material.

When people think of your product or service, do you come to mind? What avenue have you created for your current patrons to refer your business? We provide the solutions to these question?

The best way to be successful is to imitate champions. We help you take a page from major corporations and keep your brand to build strong awareness. The more people see it the more they will respond to that message.

How many of your customers refer your business without speaking a word. We don't just design and print apparel, we create wearable promotional items.